How does marketing automation generate excellent leads?

The following is an answer I gave on Quora recently in response to the above question. I thought it would be worth sharing here as well as it’s highly relevant to what we are doing with Mautic! Here’s my answer to the question: How does marketing automation generate excellent leads?

I think it’s great because you began with a very important word: How. If you had left this very simple three-letter word off your question then you would be asking a very different type of question. What we are going to discuss now is not the efficacy of marketing automation but rather the specific mechanisms by which marketing automation generates excellent leads. Let me give you three ways I believe marketing automation can help you.

1. Marketing automation is your best 24/7/365 full-time employee

When you setup a marketing automation solution you are setting up the best employee you will ever have. Unlike your other team members your marketing automation platform will never sleep, never call in sick, and never need a vacation. This is an incredible opportunity to improve your entire marketing department and your business. The key here is you need to setup your marketing automation to help you. Your marketing automation can be your best employee, but you will need to train it, organize it, and monitor it. If you take these preliminary steps you will find you truly do have an amazing employee that will absolutely help you generate leads.

2. Marketing automation is patient, helpful, and personal

This points a fun point, I’ll give you three for the price of one! If you’re looking for another reason why marketing automation can be helpful here’s three.

Marketing automation is patient: I’m not always the most patient person; yes, it’s hard for me to admit but it’s true. If I’m trying to generate a lead I want a deal to happen and I want it to happen immediately! Unfortunately this is not the best way to generate leads (Oh, I’ll still suggest it may work some of the time). Marketing automation is different, marketing automation is all about timing and patience. Marketing automation reaches out to the right lead at the right time; it follows a schedule (i.e. campaign) and reaches each at the optimal time to nurture a strong lead. Patience is awesome. And active patience (or delayed campaign actions) is tremendously important in finding and nurturing leads.

Marketing automation is helpful: If we continue with the first point above we can see immediately the benefit of having a team member working around the clock. Marketing automation is incredibly helpful when monitoring, contacting, and nurturing a lead. Think about it: do you want to be answering an email at 2 in the morning? Probably not. But your #1 employee (marketing automation) doesn’t mind. You’ll find this helpful (and your leads find it timely).

Marketing automation is personal: Wait, so that almost sounds like a contradiction, but it’s true. Marketing automation does not mean your marketing is not personal. In fact, when you setup your marketing automation successfully the result is a highly personalized marketing campaign that specifically targets each lead. I wrote about this previously but the plain and simple truth is when you do your marketing correctly then your marketing is highly personal. Personalized marketing means highly effective lead generation.

3. Marketing automation is perfect for making regular lead into excellent leads

So the final point I’ll leave you with is one that I’ve not highlighted previously though I have hinted at it a few times throughout my responses. Marketing automation is absolutely perfect for taking regular leads and making them exceptional. How does marketing automation do this? Quite simply marketing automation nurtures your potential leads from being a casual site visitor to a highly qualified, “ready to be contacted” lead. Marketing automation does this through monitoring your site visitors, tracking what they are interested in, sending them relevant and timely information via email campaigns, and responding to actions they take. Wow, sound like the perfect marketing person right? Yes! Marketing automation is perfect for helping you turn your regular leads into excellent leads.

There are dozens (hundreds) of articles about how you can implement marketing automation software, setup killer email marketing , organize drip marketing campaigns, create beautiful landing pages, but here I wanted to highlight a few slightly more abstract reasons why marketing automation is amazing.