Lions of MAUVSA Scholarship Winner Recap — Part 4

For the past two years, MAUVSA Alumni have come together and put this amazing opportunity for our young leaders in the region. These alumni were once in their shoes — inspiring, hard working students who looked to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills and someday apply this to their future careers.

Named the Lions of MAUVSA Scholarship, this opportunity was established to give these students a chance to attend our annual leadership conference. With MAUVSA Advance Conference being the biggest event of the year, we want to give every student a chance to experience this wonderful event. Our submission pool was large this year, but only 8 students were picked.

Here are our last set of winners. Hope you enjoy Part 4, our last part of our series:

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Tuyetson Nguyen

Virginia Commonwealth University

The past few years, I made excuses for myself to not attend MAC. Honestly, I was too intimidated to meet so many people in such a large setting. I thought MAUVSA events were out of my league and that I didn’t really have a place there, until I actually met the passionate people in it.

Out of everything at MACV, the biggest eye-opener for me was the workshops. Even though I had a rocky start bumping my head pretty hard in the shower my first night, I was still pumped for the next day’s workshops. I’d read the descriptions over and over and just really wanted to see all of them at the same time. Though I didn’t plan to, I was signed up for the feminism and LBTQ workshops first. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Minh, Jessica, and Natalie were extremely energetic presenters and much more interactive than I was expecting. Sometimes, I think the most memorable experiences in life will come by unexpectedly, and this was one of those times. My last one -My-Phuong’s workshop- left me with a greater appreciation for my family’s history and had me bothering my mom about her childhood stories in these past few weeks. Just from those three hours, I left with a much more open mind and enthusiasm for my VSA board and even my personal endeavors. Now that conference is over, I know that MAUVSA is an organization where everyone can take a little bit of that passion, inspiration, and energy and go back to share it with their communities. I’m glad I took the leap to attend this year, and I look forward to all the future conferences to come.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Lisa Bui

North Carolina State University

Spending a weekend at MAC 5 was definitely a decision I will never regret. I was blown away by the touching stories and the life lasting connections that I have made. Being surrounded by so many caring people made me want to open up even if the person was a stranger. My favorite part of MAC5 was definitely the family competition just because I had the best family leader ever! HANDS DOWN! Everyone was so welcoming and absolutely not shy at all! It felt as if I just saw a best friend that I haven’t seen in years! OH and I cant forget to mention the CIA! It was so incredible hearing their story. I always thought the CIA was intimidating and cold but it turns out, they share the same struggles that we do. It was heart warming to hear all the personal stories. We shared many laughs and many tears but all in all they were all worth it. It was amazing to see how hundreds of people can be united with just one single common interest. 12/10 would definitely come back for MAC6.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Last but not least, we want to send our deepest thanks to our gracious alumni for this wonderful opportunity. Without your continuous support and your willingness to help out the future leaders of MAUVSA, this would have not been possible. Having once held a position in VSA, we understand the importance of guidance, leadership, and opportunities. Thank you to:

Stephen Nguyen — VCU alumnus
Hoainam Nguyen — UVA alumnus
Tina Nguyen — UMCP alumna
Chuck Cao — UVA alumnus
Tuan Duong — GMU alumnus
Long T Nguyen — UVA alumnus
Emmeline Ha — GWU alumna
Dan Quach — GMU alumnus
Christian Nguyen — GMU alumnus
Hoang Nguyen — UMCP alumnus
William Dang — VT alumnus

Thank you for following us on this 4-part series. We hope this will inspire more students to apply for this wonderful scholarship opportunity and attend our biggest event of the year! MAC6, here we come!

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