Post One.

I cannot deny the growing momentum of the Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations. It is truly exciting. Thinking back to the beginning of this organization is humbling. And while I was not there when it was conceptualized in 2006 and formed in 2007, I have heard many stories about it. All the troubles and hardships it took to bring a simple idea to life, the idea of uniting all of the young VSA leaders in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area was absolutely worth it. You can see it today in how we carry on the legacy of our past MAUVSA leaders. Without their dedication and sacrifices, we wouldn’t be where we are now; a union of 9 member schools with a bond stronger than ever. It continues to advance — to get better and better each year.

With so much change that happens annually, I believe it is important to document all of our successes and short-comings. Every day is a day for the MAUVSA leadership to improve and make a bigger impact on both the regional and member-school level. There is no definite purpose to this Medium collection yet, but this blog will for sure be a way to keep adding to our organization’s story. Additionally, I see this as a method for MAUVSA to connect with our community both internally and externally. Our Executive Board, VSA leaders, student members, as well alumni will be contributors, so look forward to future posts! Finally, remember to follow and share!

Thank you for reading!

Tuan Duong, President 2013–2015

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