What is ‘digital transformation’?

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‘Digital transformation’ is a term often used when referring to the process of adapting existing business processes and practices to digital methods. The aim is to increase effectiveness and efficiency, to keep up with rapidly-changing market demands and challenger organisations.

The implications of a transformation program are wide-reaching within an organisation, as true digital transformation touches all parts of a business.

For staff, it requires a shift in their mindset, values, and principles. How they operate from strategic planning, through to execution needs to be revised to allow for a more modern approach. With this comes a need to adopt new ways of working, such as Agile, an overhaul of the processes leveraged to run the organisation. And finally, the technology infrastructure that underpins the organisation’s digital ecosystem must also be considered.

Often the technology is the hero of a “Digital Transformation”, however technology alone is not a silver bullet. If considered as such, you will be left with an amazing piece of tech that you are not set up for, or trained to use.

Many transformation programs fall over at an early critical stage — the executive team. It is amazing how often a business’s leadership team believe the transformation is for their team, not them. If this is the case, the program is dead before it starts. A fundamental shift such as this; a move to being a digital business, requires buy-in and commitment from all levels to be successful. This is non-negotiable.

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