What is Micro-Consulting?

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2 min readApr 16, 2021


Micro-consulting is a relatively new term for an old process.

Put simply, it refers to short, sharp conversations with an expert at a critical point.

When facing a business or career challenge, whether that is planning to launch a new business or introduce a new product line or platform, pitch for a new client or plan out your next career move, a micro-consulting session with an expert will help to inject insight, knowledge and advice. Enabling you to develop better solutions and achieve more with your time and effort, saving a lot of pain from a mistake that could have been easily avoided.

Micro-consulting has become more necessary now than ever. With the rapid rise of new technology, evolving ways of working, and ever more demanding consumer needs, the short and sharp delivery of knowledge and insight from proven leaders can help business leaders, people striving to advance their career and those that are building their own business navigate the raft of complexity, in an agile and rapid way.

The value of course correction advice from proven experts at critical times is priceless.

Access to the right advice at the right time is one of the biggest challenges for people who are already time-poor and under pressure. Mavardo is here to change this, by giving everybody the ability to access an amazing collection of industry leaders, as and when needed, leveraging different skill sets, experience and capability without an ongoing commitment or minimum spend. Our vision is to give everyone access to their own expert advisory board, to elevate their career and achieve more.

Below are some of the use cases which highlight how Micro-consulting can deliver value;

• Value proposition design

• Business strategy

• Technology ecosystem

• Growth strategies

• Customer segmentation

• Market trends

• Pricing models

• Go to market approach

• Digital marketing

• Distribution approaches

• Venture capital & funding

• Business Development

• Modern operating models

• Leadership

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