MavenStamp — An Immutability-as-a-Service solution

Yayi Liu
Yayi Liu
Feb 25, 2019 · 3 min read

We are excited to announce that our timestamp product, MavenStamp, has been officially launched and integrated into the Metalyfe browser, a decentralized blockchain browser and multi-wallet portal with the goal of catalyzing the adoption of Web 3.0. Through the partnership with Metalyfe, MavenStamp’s features will capture additional value in the blockchain ecosystem to serve the real world better.

What is MavenStamp?

MavenStamp is a Mavennet product that offers Immutability-as-a-Service by providing safe and traceable proof of data integrity. Through our fast and seamless API, MavenStamp allows any individual to timestamp any digital content and verify its existence without having to learn the complexity of blockchain technology.

How does MavenStamp Work?

MavenStamp accepts all kinds of data input, such as plain text, a file or a precomputed hash, subsequently, it generates a unique hash, timestamps it and stores it in the blockchain. The timestamp property gives the data an immutable state after submission and the tamper-proof makes it easier for retrieval for your needs.

MavenStamp User Flow

Why MavenStamp?

Nowadays, people create and store information based on digital assets, which can be easily copied and modified. Enterprises have a high demand to maintain data integrity and protect their sensitive data. In the past time, we need to rely on trustworthy intermediaries to verify the data integrity, but now blockchain technology opens the door to ensure immutability without the intermediaries.

MavenStamp is an effective blockchain solution for data immutability and data integrity. Through a seamless API that can be easily integrated with enterprises’ application, MavenStamp enables the user to timestamp data easily and efficiently. Moreover, MavenStamp is cost-effective that helps enterprises to boost the ROI by offering high throughput value at a low cost.

Who can benefit from MavenStamp?

MavenStamp helps enterprises thrive in a wide range of industries, ranging from financial, supply chain, government, and others. MavenStamp will benefit clients mainly at two levels:

  • Large enterprises that need customized solutions to utilize blockchain and accelerate their business.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises that need to augment their technology with data immutability and proof of existence in their backend.

Through MavenStamp API, enterprises can leverage our Immutability-as-a-Service to build their customized applications without having to implement the blockchain technology directly. For example, with the API integration, insurance enterprises would be able to speed up the claim process by having an immutable record of the car damage image, location and time.

MavenStamp use case for Insurance Industry

What can we expect in the future?

With the Immutability-as-a-Service of MavenStamp, we’re entering a new trustless era that enables enterprises to unlock potential opportunities with data integrity.

Our Mavennet team will keep working on developing more extended features and a larger scale adoption for MavenStamp. More importantly, we are expanding the potential of blockchain in a wider range of areas.

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