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Maverick is building a DeFi infrastructure to eliminate market inefficiencies. But Maverick is not alone in this mission: it is building with friends and a community that shares the same vision.

To incentivize ecosystem participation, we are excited to introduce the Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program, which is designed to incentivize activities and contributions that advance the development of the Maverick ecosystem.

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The Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program will utilize MAV tokens from the Liquidity Mining and Airdrops allocation. This program will be deployed in different seasons.

Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season

Within the first 100 days of our launch in March 2023, Maverick has demonstrated the capability of its novel Dynamic Distribution AMM design, with over $2 Billion on-chain volume and up to 374% protocol capital efficiency ratio.

Shortly after the launch of its highly-capital efficient AMM, Maverick followed with its next phase: Boosted Positions, a surgical incentivization tool that has helped protocols and token projects enjoy greater accuracy and efficiency in liquidity shaping. Boosted Positions quickly gained adoption from the leading market participants, especially liquid staking tokens.

However, none of these successes would have happened without early supporters and adopters in the Maverick community.

Thus, Maverick Ecosystem Pre-Season will be dedicated to honoring those who contributed to the growth of the Maverick ecosystem. Rewards will be calculated using a combination of these factors:

  • Liquidity Providing, by TVL and duration
  • Achieving Contributor or higher roles in Maverick Warrior Program
  • Participation in Snapshot governance votes
  • Trading volume using Maverick UI
  • Holding Maverick MAVA NFTs

A snapshot of the wallet addresses that participated in Maverick Ecosystem Pre-Season was taken on June 22, 20:00 UTC.

The Maverick community will be able to verify their eligibility and claim rewards from Maverick Ecosystem Pre-Season on Maverick’s official website.

Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1: Bootstrapping Liquidity with Maverick’s ve-Model

The most exciting part of Maverick’s next phase are the liquidity directing tools powered by the MAV token and Maverick’s voting-escrow (ve) model.

In short, users can stake MAV to get veMAV, which can be used to vote and direct community and ecosystem incentives. Using veMAV, protocols will be able to drive incentives to a specific Boosted Position. Maverick’s ve model will further evolve the efficiency of both liquidity and incentives across the market.

Learn more about Maverick’s ve-model:

The full launch of the ve-model will go through two stages:

  • Stage 1, the launch of veMAV smart contract, which will allow users to lock MAV token to earn veMAV;
  • Stage 2, the launch of Maverick’s Liquidity Directing Voting mechanism, with which users can use veMAV to vote and direct platform and external incentives to certain liquidity pools.

To better realize its ecosystem power and to launch the Maverick ve-model successfully, it is essential to incentivize protocol liquidity and ecosystem participants.

Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1 is designed with two purposes:

  1. Bootstrapping liquidity during Maverick ve-model launch stage 1
  2. Incentivizing early Maverick ve-model participants (token projects) and ecosystem builders (i.e. metaprotocol builders)

Some initial designs for Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program are:

Liquidity Providers:

  • The size of liquidity supplied will affect the level of rewards.
  • Early Liquidity Providers will get a boost.
  • Liquidity Providers supplying liquidity for a longer term will get a boost.
  • Outstanding performance on any liquidity strategy deployed on Maverick might get extra rewards.

Ecosystem Participants:

  • Maverick ecosystem participants: projects integrated with Maverick’s DeFi infrastructure at the early stage and/or signed up to utilize Maverick’s ve-model to further direct and shape their token liquidity
  • Maverick ecosystem builders: projects or contributors that build composable financial applications on top of the Maverick ve-model
  • Boosted Position incentivizer: projects that incentivize liquidity on Maverick with external rewards.

Maverick Ecosytem Incentive Program Season 1 starts today!

We are recording on-chain activities for Season 1 starting June 22, 20:00 UTC.

LPs can supply liquidity on Any LP activity on Maverick from now on will be recorded and counted towards Maverick Rewards Season 1. A leaderboard for Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1 will be released very soon at

Season 1 rewards will be distributed on the day Maverick’s ve-model launch stage 2 — Liquidity Directing Voting mechanism- goes live.


Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Governance Airdrop Snapshot Date is Extended!

The snapshot date of the Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Governance Airdrop is now extended to coincide with the Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1 snapshot date–exact date will be announced in the coming months. This extension is intended to give more MAV holders a fair opportunity to stake and participate in this incentive program.

Under this airdrop, all veMAV holders who chose to stake for a minimum of 1 year at time of snapshot will split 10,000,000 MAV pro-rata based on the veMAV balance from any stakes 1 year or longer. The MAV from this airdrop will be automatically staked for 4 years and give them even more veMAV.

A snapshot for both the Governance Airdrop and the Season 1 Ecosystem Incentive rewards will be taken on the day Maverick’s ve-model launch stage 2 — Liquidity Directing Voting mechanism — goes live.

What does this mean to me?

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers on Maverick unlock more reward opportunities with the start of stage 1 and stage 2 of Maverick ve-model launch:

Pre-ve Phase:

  • Supply liquidity to Maverick liquidity pools to earn trading fees
  • Supply liquidity to Maverick Boosted Positions to earn trading fees and external BP rewards

ve-Model Stage 1:

  • Supply liquidity to Maverick liquidity pools to earn trading fees
  • Supply liquidity to Maverick Boosted Positions to earn trading fees and external BP rewards
  • Supply liquidity to Maverick liquidity pools or Boosted Positions to earn MAV from the Maverick Ecosystem Incentives (Season 1)
  • Lock MAV token to earn veMAV

ve-Model Stage 2:

  • Supply liquidity to Maverick liquidity pools to earn trading fees
  • Supply liquidity to Maverick Boosted Positions to earn trading fees and external BP rewards
  • Supply liquidity to Maverick liquidity pools or Boosted Positions to earn MAV from the redirected protocol incentives voted by veMAV holders
  • Lock MAV token to earn veMAV
  • Vote with veMAV and potentially earn bribes in future metaprotocols

Liquidity Providers can supply liquidity on Maverick to enjoy higher capital efficiency and extra MAV rewards under Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1.

Start here:

Ecosystem Participants (Token Projects and builders)

If you’d like to integrate with Maverick, or if you have an idea to build on top of Maverick, join our Discord and reach out to us in the #partnership channel. You can also earn rewards under Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Season 1.

Join our community on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram!

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Maverick Protocol is the infrastructure for decentralized finance, powered by the revolutionary Maverick AMM.