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We are excited to announce the Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season reward claim details! We are grateful to the early adopters of and contributors to the Maverick ecosystem, and the rewards under the Pre-Season are dedicated to honoring those who contributed to that ecosystem’s growth.

Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season Airdrop Overview

MAV Token

Token Contract:

  • Ethereum Mainnet: 0x7448c7456a97769f6cd04f1e83a4a23ccdc46abd
  • zkSync Era: 0x787c09494Ec8Bcb24DcAf8659E7d5D69979eE508
  • BNB Chain: 0xd691d9a68C887BDF34DA8c36f63487333ACfD103

The airdrop claiming will be on Ethereum and zkSync Era chain.

veMAV Token

Token Contract:

  • Ethereum Mainnet: 0x4949Ac21d5b2A0cCd303C20425eeb29DCcba66D8
  • zkSync Era: 0x7EDcB053d4598a145DdaF5260cf89A32263a2807

veMAV Token will be available on Ethereum and zkSync Era chain. You can stake your MAV during the claim workflow and get veMAV.

Please beware of scams! Always verify the token contract and only claim airdrop from Maverick’s official website.

Total Allocation of Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season

Airdrop for Claiming

30,000,000 MAV is allocated to this airdrop, representing 1.5% of the total MAV supply and ~4.9% of the total Liquidity Mining and Airdrops allocation.

Eligible Users

A total of 26,155 Ethereum wallet addresses and 96,075 zkSync Era wallet addresses are eligible to claim MAV in this first airdrop.

Snapshot Time

A snapshot of the wallet addresses that participated in Maverick Ecosystem Pre-Season was taken on June 22, 10:00 UTC. 1687428000 is the last timestamp for the snapshot on mainnet. 44221334 was the Polygon block number used for MAVA snapshot

Eligibility of Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season Airdrop

Rewards are calculated using a combination of these factors:

  • Liquidity Providing, by TVL and duration
  • Achieving Contributor or higher roles in Maverick Warrior Program
  • Participation in Snapshot governance votes
  • Trading volume using Maverick UI
  • Holding Maverick MAVA NFTs

You can find the airdrop allocation from the table below:

Where, When, and How to Claim My Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Pre-Season Airdrop

When to claim

Claiming will be live on 2023–06–28 08:00 (UTC), and the start claim time will be the same as the token listing time.

Where to claim

At 2023–06–28 08:00 (UTC), visit (this page will not belive before 2023–06–28 08:00 (UTC)). The claim page will be live at the same time as the token listing time.

How to claim

When the claim function is live, you can click on the Claim button and follow the workflow to claim your airdrop.

You will have an option to stake your MAV tokens for a selectable duration of time in order to receive a progressively boosted amount of veMAV tokens. veMAV is a non-transferable token that is used for protocol governance. Voting with veMAV when the Maverick veModel is fully launched may earn users bribes through metaprotocol design.

There will also be a governance incentive program for all veMAV holders soon; see below.

Governance Incentive for veMAV Holders

There is a governance bonus incentive for veMAV holders. If you stake your MAV to get veMAV, you will be eligible for further voting incentives delivered through the governance incentive program.


Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Governance Airdrop Snapshot Date is Extended!

The snapshot date of the Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Governance Airdrop is now extended to coincide with the Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1 snapshot date–exact date will be announced in the coming months. This extension is intended to give more MAV holders a fair opportunity to stake and participate in this incentive program.

Under this airdrop, all veMAV holders who chose to stake for a minimum of 1 year at time of snapshot will split 10,000,000 MAV pro-rata based on the veMAV balance from any stakes 1 year or longer. The MAV from this airdrop will be automatically staked for 4 years and give them even more veMAV.

A snapshot for both the Governance Airdrop and the Season 1 Ecosystem Incentive rewards will be taken on the day Maverick’s ve-model launch stage 2 — Liquidity Directing Voting mechanism — goes live.

All veMAV holders at time of snapshot will split 10,000,000 MAV pro-rata based on veMAV balance, which will be automatically staked for 4 years and give them even more veMAV.

📖Understand what is veMAV at:

Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1 is Live!

Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Program Season 1 is designed with two purposes:

  1. Bootstrapping liquidity during Maverick ve-model launch stage 1
  2. Incentivizing early Maverick ve-model participants (token projects) and ecosystem builders (i.e. metaprotocol builders)

Some initial designs for Maverick Ecosystem Incentive Programare:

Liquidity Providers:

  • The size of liquidity supplied will affect the level of rewards.
  • Early Liquidity Providers will get a boost.
  • Liquidity Providers supplying liquidity for a longer term will get a boost.
  • Outstanding performance on any liquidity strategy deployed on Maverick might get extra rewards.

Ecosystem Participants:

  • Maverick ecosystem participants: projects integrated with Maverick’s DeFi infrastructure at the early stage and/or signed up to utilize Maverick’s ve-model to further direct and shape their token liquidity
  • Maverick ecosystem builders: projects or contributors that build composable financial applications on top of the Maverick ve-model
  • Boosted Position incentivizer: projects that incentivize liquidity on Maverick with external rewards.

Read more about the Season 1:

Launch app to supply liquidity:

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