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4 min readDec 12, 2021


Everything is steadily moving ‘online’, and it will be the creators who flourish in the cyber landscape. The ‘online’ has made it easier for us to leave ourselves and imagine new futures, where identity and life take a whole new shape.

MAWNFT was created with the vision of bringing the best-in-class blockchain technology and exclusive offerings to the forefront of the NFT world, bridging the gap between physical and digital assets.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to improve the accessibility to this new world and disrupt the antiquated world of alternative investments by showcasing the unique potential of NFTs across multiple mediums. Our mission is to educate users about this newly emerging asset class by integrating them through immersive and exclusive global exhibitions.

What major problems exist today that will be solved by the technologies of tomorrow, and what new complications might they bring once we’re fully submerged in virtual realities?

We want to explore the futures we might head into, and we believe that it is your imagination that will inspire others, so please take this task very seriously. We are all in this together, and it is through collaboration, communication, and curiosity that we will evolve.


During Art Basel, we did The Miami Art Week NFT, a major gallery at the SLS hotel for our launch featuring top digital creators such as Beeple and Smear balls and more than 50 different digital creators that posted on our site at the launch event of our brand.

It was an amazing private event that showcased who is in the industry, what’s missing, and the networking of the most influential people in the crypto industry while having Bob Moses playing in the background.

And of course the most important thing, the artist:

Open Call

Submit artwork by February 15. We will curate a selection of the pieces that are submitted to be exhibited in the @ MUSEUM DISTRICT
📍DECENTRALAND 13, 75 from 02.15.2022 to 06.15.2022.


  • There is no limit to the number of pieces that you can submit to the open call, but please do note that each piece needs to be submitted as a separate piece.
  • Think back on how drastically the world has changed since 1921. Where do you hope (or fear) we may be 100 years from now
  • Pieces need to be submitted by the February 15 to be considered for @ MUSEUM DISTRICT DECENTRALAND 13, 75.
  • For further questions please contact or drop a message in the #digital-future channel on Discord

Extra Bonus:

We will raffle 5 tickets and plane* to the Art Basel in Switzerland between all the buyers.
Art Basel, Switzerland show that brings the international art world together, with over 250 of the world’s leading galleries showing the works of more than 4,000 artists.

Have any questions, please let me know




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