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April Newsletter Max Property Group

Spring is upon us and with it comes positive news of progress being made, even in these difficult times. Despite the restrictions to which we are subjected, we have reached the final stages of development of the new Max Crowdfund platform and we trust you are as excited about this as we are!

AFM Approval Application Update

Contrary to last last month’s lack of communication by the AFM, this month our lawyers have been in regular contact with the Dutch financial authorities, with more questions being presented and answers provided.

Erwin, MPG’s CTO recently spoke to the AFM’s blockchain specialist to process a few final queries. As we understand it, the AFM is now “crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s” before approving our real estate crowdfunding platform on DLT.

Max Crowdfund Website

The new (Drupal 8) platform is making good progress, having been moved from the test to the staging environment. It is undergoing final testing for features ranging from providing KYC to submitting a project to be funded. New loans cannot be published on the platform until AFM approval has been achieved but we expect to be ready to launch the technology as soon as approval has been granted.

Max Crowdfund Apps

Both Android and iOS apps have now been uploaded to the developer environments of Apple and Google respectively, and are being tested before being uploaded to the public App stores. We will let you know once they are available for download!

MPG Blockchain Decision

Following long discussions, it has been decided that we will continue with the existing MPG blockchain, in accordance with fundamental blockchain principles. We are unable to re-open trading of the MPG utility tokens whilst the police investigation is ongoing, or until all the remaining stolen tokens have been returned.

We therefore ask anyone whom has bought discounted MPG on Stex, Probit, P2PB2B or Dex to please let us know how much was bought and at what price. You will be reimbursed in full, in exchange for the MPG purchased.

MPG hereby confirms that all users will receive new wallets and previous balances will be restored through compensation by MPG.

Big news announcements coming up soon!



Max Crowdfund is an international real estate crowdfunding platform that uses blockchain technology for transparency. The platform is owned by Max Property Group and is headquartered in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

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Max Crowdfund

Max Crowdfund is an international real estate crowdfunding platform, which is owned by Max Property Group. Our head office is in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.