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Max Crowdfund has set up a special Affiliate Program for content creators. Here you can earn money by promoting our platform in your written content. What exactly is Affiliate marketing, and how do you become a Max Crowdfund partner? In this article, we would like to explain this to you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing in which the advertiser (the company) pays a fee to people who bring in new customers. Affiliates, also known as publishers, write content about the company and/or product, often using a special code or hyperlink. Because other people use the code or link, the affiliate receives a commission on this. Unlike influencer marketing, a publisher does not receive a commission for posting a message.

An advertiser determines which products may be promoted for which fee. The affiliate decides what the promotion looks like. This can be in the form of a blog, but newsletters, banners or social media posts are also possible. In addition, an affiliate is rewarded for the generated sales or leads (potential new customers).

Benefits affiliate marketing

This form of marketing has several advantages for both the advertiser and the publisher. Below we describe the main two advantages.

  • Financial advantages

An advertiser can generate sales with a possible new target group through affiliate marketing. In addition, a company may be able to attract customers that would otherwise never be reached.

An additional advantage of affiliate marketing for a publisher is the passive income that can be generated. If the article is found well in the search engines and many people use the link or code, the compensation will come in automatically. A publisher receives the reward without being constantly busy with it.

  • Generate brand awareness

By using Affiliate marketing, a company becomes visible in more places, places where a company would normally not be visible. This increases brand awareness for a company.

Partner of Max Crowdfund

Max Crowdfund also has its affiliate program to attract a wider audience. An affiliate can earn extra income from new customers through their written content. As soon as new investors are registered with our platform, an affiliate will earn from this. The revenue model of our program looks like this:

- €10 per registration on our platform (if KYC approved)
- 1.25% of the amount invested that the referred investor invests in our loans during the first 180 after registration.
- €100 for each referred company that applies for a loan, which is actually published.

Through our website, we also offer content created by us, such as banners and videos that can be easily shared. Of course, an affiliate may develop its own content to promote Max Crowdfund. As soon as an affiliate is connected to the Max Crowdfund platform, a clear and personal dashboard will appear in the account. Here the affiliate will find all relevant information about the performance, such as commissions, transactions, clicks and impressions.

If, as a result of this article, you are convinced to become a Max Crowdfund partner, you can register via the button below!




Max Crowdfund
Max Crowdfund

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