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2 min readAug 19, 2022


In July €2,604,800 was raised

Eight loans were filled in July, including one large German loan of €1,110,000. This concerns loan #1099463 in Neumünster, Germany. 447 investors filled this loan in 3 days, 3 hours and 2 minutes.

Max Crowdfund numbers
Total raised in July: €2,604,800
Number of loans: 8

Total activated in July: €1,260,000
Number of loans: 2

Total repaid in July: €491,500
Number of loans: 3
#622429 London (Walthamstow), E17 4AU United Kingdom
#605917 75 Richmond Street, Accrington, BB5 0SJ, United Kingdom
#643572 Sunderland, SR4 6JA, United Kingdom


Update about the European crowdfunding license

As you may already know, we have applied for the European crowdfunding license to the AFM. We have now received notification from the AFM that the documents are in order and that they are processing the application. Nothing substantive has yet been said about the application, except that everything that is requested from us has been submitted.

In addition, ESMA has indicated that it has extended the license registration deadline by one year. This means that companies will continue to be covered by the national exemption for a year longer. In our case, this means that we can operate under the AFM exemption at least until November 2023. The reason for this postponement is that it has been found that companies take more time to prepare the application, and ESMA wants to allow all companies to submit a complete application.

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Max Crowdfund
Max Crowdfund

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