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The Sixth Official MCF Token Burn

New year, new burn! Hereby an update about the 6th official MCF Token burn we just had.

The 5th MCF Token burn took place on the 24th of December 2021, where a total of €11,834,600 was raised. At this moment (26/01/2022) we have raised a total of €15,741,700 (including 2 loans pending to be activated). This means that an additional amount of €3,907,100 has been raised. 0,1% of this is €3,907.10. There was a total of €3,907.10 to burn and we took €342 per BNB.

We purchased the following amounts of MCF on Pancakeswap and Stex:


2 BNB for 348,468.49309426940 MCF (TxID 0xdf0ff928a92fbde3f6e2b5464b70eaaa92d207decaa1568d10e4378c293ed623)

3 BNB for 439,200.497865116 MCF (TxID 0x64bd7c8a8b5c9753c45f4349c17ba61a48bb26ee840328f42ed133edb7c13026)

3 BNB for 364,034.854856148 MCF (TxID 0xd65d816b8926d2334918bd14c4c9da3125d3412a2c7f7b720a85005bba28bd5b)

The total is 8 BNB or €2,736.


180000 at 0.003 for $540 or €475

175000 at $0.0032 for $560 or €490

This is a total of €965.

The remaining €200 will be added to the next burn.

The total of 1,506,703.845815533 MCF has been sent to the BSC burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD, with transaction hash 0x9df55341d5433076159ed1b8471325a17e53861276d3a54261b88e53f953e05d

We will continue to regularly burn MCF tokens at a rate of 0.1% of the total figure raised on all Max Crowdfund platforms. Stay tuned to our social channels for new developments.





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