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React sub-components

Making flexible, easily testable and reusable views in React without ending in “markup hell”

What exactly is a sub-component?

For this article, we’ll consider the following view as our main example: a simple Article view to render a title, subtitle, content, metadata and comments of an article object. We’ve all dealt with such views, and they can be really problematic for the reasons stated in the intro.

How to build sub-components

In this section we’re going to build the Article component step by step, first by trying to implement the Title sub-component.
The first thing we need in order to build sub-components within a component is a util to find children by “type” or “name” so React will know how to render our Title sub-component. We’ll pass two parameters to this util:

  • component: the component we want to find within the list of children, in our example it will be Title.

Using Jest and snapshot testing to test sub-components

Snapshot testing our sub-components is probably the quickest and safest way to make sure that any combination of sub-components within the Article component will render properly. To do this we’re going to use both Jest and Enzyme. Here’s how you can write tests for our example:

One last note

While writing this article I noticed that sub-components wouldn’t render on IE 11 and Edge once bundled with Babel 6.26.0 and Webpack 3.10. Maybe it affects other versions, I haven’t checked yet, but all I know is that it only affected the bundled app, it worked fine when the project was running with Webpack Dev Server.

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