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GameFi is booming!

With DeFi and NFT, gaming is not just gaming anymore.

You can earn profit while playing games now!

GameFi = Game + DeFi

GameFi, as the name implies, is Game plus DeFi, which means the game is combined with decentralized financial mechanism, and the decentralized financial products are presented in the form of a game, during which you can earn revenue or rewards, and the item or equipment in GameFi become valuable assets for players.

GameFi vs NFT

The GameFi boom is related to NFT (Non-fungible token), which makes all assets, items and characters in the game are unique and collectible, and allows players to secure ownership of these virtual assets in a decentralized game.

GameFi vs Metaverse

The current GameFi is the concept of the primary metaverse, where virtual characters explore, interact and even trade with others in a decentralized game, taking this as a starting point to gradually expand the imagination and possibilities of various experiences.

GameFi’s Gold Rush: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a GameFi that gamer can invests resources to breed monsters to fight or trade. People who were affected by COVID-19 and could not go out to work invested in this game to breed monsters at low cost and sell them at high price. According to the gamers, they could earn from US$1,300 to US$1,700 a month with this GameFi, which not only could be collected and keep its value, but also could be resold for profit, forming a fever of “Play to Earn“.

Photo via:Axie Infinity

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