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Tracking Medical Equipment Supplies and Logistics Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


The world is seeing a shortage of medical equipment and supplies crucial for testing, control, and treatment of COVID-19. The shortage has been exacerbated due to the increased spread of the virus asymptomatically.

The unforeseen surge of confirmed cases has exhausted ventilators, face masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. needed to screen and treat COVID-19 patients.

China’s Red Cross came under massive outrage and scrutiny as humanitarian organizations mishandled supplies bound for front liners combating the virus in Wuhan hospitals. Supplies donated by Chinese from other provinces and overseas were stranded in the Wuhan Red Cross distribution center and never made it to the destined hospitals that were in dire need of new supplies.


Local doctors further chastised the Wuhan Red Cross for a slow registration of goods due to a shortage of personnel. The mishandling of supplies had spiraled into the inefficient distribution of critical supplies to the wrong place, causing unnecessary waste of time and effort that could’ve been spent in treating more patients in queue.

Pharmacists in Alberta, Canada, have struggled to get a response whether they would receive personal protective equipment (PPE) that was promised by the provincial health authority — Alberta Health Services (AHS), believing they have been forgotten and left behind.


Millions of masks and gloves were stockpiled at nine AHS facilities, prepared to be sent out of Alberta to other provinces across Canada. However, local Albertan healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, are still facing a medical supply shortage even though an AHS spokesperson claimed that the masks, gloves, and PPE were distributed to pharmacies already. The lack of proper equipment and supplies led Albertan pharmacists to feel unsafe to carry out their healthcare duties.

Tracking the distribution of vital medical equipment and supplies as well as securing the delivery to its intended drop-off location have since been prioritized by health authorities across the globe, even more so in countries with the most confirmed cases ranging in the hundreds of thousands, such as the U.S., Spain, Italy, France, and Germany.

Medical asset tracking is a crucial component of hospitals’ or medical centers’ financial accountability and efficiency in containing an outbreak. When outbreaks or crises arise, medical equipment (newly manufactured or used) can be tagged beforehand and monitored for their movement at all times to prevent medical piracy.

MedsLOCK — a Monitoring, Control, and Communication App

To implement a system that tracks expensive medical equipment in medical centers or other healthcare facilities, a joint venture between Maxonrow and Avantas Tech may have found a solution through MedsLOCK — a monitoring, control, and communication app that provides real-time COVID-19 insights. MedsLOCK is an excellent solution for health agencies or authorities, governments, and other crucial stakeholders in preparation or response to a pandemic that might jeopardize the economy and diplomatic relations between countries.


Similar to commercial shipment tracking, MedsLOCK provides governments with a solution to affix serial numbers to any shipments containing medical assets. Each affixed serial number uniquely identifies a shipment for domestic or international tracking. As soon as a medical shipment arrives at its intended destination, whether it’s a warehouse or pharmacy, the serial number can be scanned by the receiver to verify consignment arrival or delivery.

MedsLOCK utilizes a comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) process to verify the identities of all personnel involved in the medical supply chain, including customs officers, warehouse workers, consignees and more.

By leveraging blockchain technology, any government and hospital’s command center can use MedsLOCK’s mobile app to monitor and order medical equipment or supplies based on stock levels in inventory, monitor and categorize patients, and follow the logistics of medical equipment or supplies.

Once entered and signed, the tracking and inventory data is immutable and cannot be modified by any bad actor or medical staff without authorization from multiple parties. This system ensures all medical equipment can be tracked reliably. The data is also robustly protected through the secure structure of the blockchain , and the entire supply chain can be subject to audit by the public at any given moment. Blockchain’s transparency would also play a vital role in ensuring medical donation to be safely delivered to its intended recipient in urgent need, mishandling of life-saving supplies can be prevented.

MedsLOCK main features are:

  • Precise tracking of medical equipment in real time.
  • Graphical representation of locations and movement analysis.
  • Quick access to web/mobile applications on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Productive and dynamic use of time and manpower resources.

Talented engineers at Maxonrow can automate the flow of data from existing legacy systems to a distributed ledger technology. Data and workflows can be shared and used by multiple parties and trusted by every participant involved, as they are also independently verifiable.

Powered by Maxonrow, MedsLOCK saves valuable time by providing medical staff with accurate location tracking and inventory information for medical assets for loss prevention, helping teams locate such items accurately and promptly.

A technology like MedsLOCK improves equipment utilization with effective inventory control, enhancing patient care and service quality, which ultimately reduces the mortality rate of COVID-19 within a controlled time frame for efficient disease control.

Click here to read more on how MedsLOCK can help hospitals and medical centers monitor and manage their medical assets to facilitate efficient medical equipment management and future-proof for governments during unforeseen situations such as the current pandemic.




Maxonrow is a leading technology company committed to building a safe and efficient digital world. The company develops an array of products and services powered by blockchain technology, focusing on increasing security and efficiency in digital processes.

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