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What exactly is the Metaverse?

After Meta, Disney and Nike both announced the development of metaverse, the future will be a multiverse world. What is the metaverse and what changes will it bring to people’s lives?


Metaverse is an online permanent and decentralised 3D virtual reality that may be accessible via virtual reality glasses, augmented reality glasses, cell phones, personal computers, and video game consoles.

Metaverse and NFT

Today, virtual reality is largely employed in games, although the metaverse may be used for a variety of purposes, including working, meeting with friends, attending concerts, watching movies, or simply wandering around and looking at the surroundings.

Meta aspires to build a new social world in the future by investing in the development of virtual reality equipment, providing individuals with a sensory experience akin to that of a second life. The desire for virtual economy has also increased, as seen by the recent growth of “non-homogenized tokens” (NFT), which can reliably verify ownership of digital items.

The Metaverse Boom — from reality to a new world

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, stated in an interview with TIME magazine, “I want to build a virtual world that is the digital twin of our planet.”

As technology advances and improves, every modern individual has a doppelganger on the Internet, and the metauniverse will continue to extend all the things a doppelganger may accomplish while being intimately tied to the actual world.

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