Dominium Giveaway in Nxter Summer Quest

If you haven’t heard of it already, the Nxter Summer Quest is a virtual adventure puzzle, with prizes from Ardor-related projects as rewards for participation.

Dominium has joined in the fun, by pledging 1000 DOM tokens to the lucky winner of stage four of the quest.

Summer Quest is part of the Nxter Puzzles series, created by madfox, sponsored by the ANG.

The Summer Quest will take you on an adventure as you use Google Maps to explore some of the places that are important to members of the Ardor/Nxt project, and find very specific numbers and words. The words of each stage of the quest will give you access to an Ignis account with an encrypted message. Find all the words to reap the final reward of 1000 IGNIS.

The fourth area in the Summer Quest is Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, where Dominium, one of the new upcoming Ardor child chains, is located. Explore this lovely city to uncover the hidden words in the pictures.

Once you have completed the puzzle and unlocked the stage IV account, there is a bonus puzzle (crossword) for you to solve.

Combine the words from the walk with the bonus puzzle, plus a final word which will be published on Dominium’s official Twitter account after their ITO has gone live to claim your 1000 DOM (25 words in total).

The secret word from Dominium will be announced on Aug 24, 2018 12:00 CET.

Link to the countdown:

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