Dominium Is Putting Property On The Blockchain

Global property platform with 30,000 users in 165 countries launches ITO today with a view to apply blockchain technology to the real estate market on a global scale

Press Release — 3rd September 2018 - Rotterdam- Dominium, a global property platform already in Beta in 15 languages, wants to put all real estate transactions on a global digital ledger made possible by cutting edge blockchain technology.

Dominium helps users to make property transactions such as buying and selling real estate, managing rental contracts, launching property funds and even managing renovation projects. The actions performed via the platform are documented on the Dominium blockchain, thus creating an irrefutable digital record of everything that has taken place, from an offer on a property to the date of installation of a new kitchen. The transparency created by the technology allows property transactions to take place without a centralised party such as a lawyer, notary or estate agent, creating significant financial savings for users.

The Dominium public ITO begins at 12.00 CET on the 3rd September 2018. To buy DOM, please click here.

The company behind the Dominium platform is a regulated company registered in the Netherlands. It was founded by real estate professionals with business dating back to 1833, in an attempt to add much needed tools, updated technology and overall transparency to their own industry. The company aims to provide regulatory compliance unimpeded by borders, languages and technologies, in order to facilitate efficiency, honesty and affordability in the property market.

Having self-funded the development of the platform, and transferred millions of euros of real estate assets to Dominium B.V., the founders are launching an ITO to raise funds for the final stages of the platform’s development. Remaining true to their experience and belief in the financial stability of real estate, however, they have committed to investing the majority of ITO funds into property assets. These in turn will be rented out to create an income for Dominium B.V., thus securing the future of the platform, and maintaining the value of the DOM token.

DOM is a utility token used on the Dominium platform. The Dominium “buyback and burn” program has been designed to increase demand and diminish the supply of DOM in order to maintain its value.

More information on the DOM token and how it works:

The Dominium public ITO begins at 12.00 CET on the 3rd September 2018. To buy DOM, please click here.

Token Offering Information

Coin/token name and Symbol

Dominium Token


Token supply


Token allocation

Seed round 10% (completed)

Pre-ITO 10%

ITO 50%

Airdrop/Referrals/Bounties/Bonusses: 10%

Founders & Team 20% (for which property assets have been transferred to Dominium B.V.)

Pre-ITO token price


Pre-ITO (closed) from 15.08.18 (12:00 CET) to 31.08.18 (12:00 CET)

ITO token prices (from 3.9.2018 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET))

€0.10 until 125,000,000 tokens sold

€0.15 until 250,000,000 tokens sold

€0.20 until 375,000,000 tokens sold

€0.25 until 500,000,000 tokens sold

Accepted coins


White Paper


KYC required? — Yes

Whitelist — No

Token lock time (in months) for founders/team: 12 months

Min purchase in $USD

$7.5, $15, $22.50 $30 for corresponding phases of ITO

Max purchase in $USD

No maximum

Minimum investments threshold

100 DOM tokens

Financial distribution of tokens

When the childchain goes live (Q4 2018)

Pre-ITO start date and time (UTC)

15th of August 2018 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET)

Token sale start date and time (UTC)

3rd of September 2018 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET)

Token sale end date and time (UTC)

31st of December 2018 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET)

Soft cap (in $USD)

2.500.000 EUR

2.900.000 USD

Hard cap (in $USD)

92.500.000 EUR

107.300.000 USD

Stage of project