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MPG has released several significant news announcements over the last few weeks, and the media has been paying attention! Here is a selection of our favourite recent media coverage

Nov 20 · 3 min read

Card Rates

Card Rates started out as a user guide for credit cards, but has branched out into covering a broad range of financial news topics, including blockchain based technology. Their team contacted us and requested to conduct an objective interview about Max Crowdfund with one of our founding members.

Esther Dekker, Property Director of MPG seemed like the right person for the job and was interviewed during October 2019. The resulting article, entitled “Max Crowdfund: A Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Simplify Property Investment” can be found here.

Many thanks to the Card Rates team for their in-depth interview and highly engaging article.

Following the Max Property Group and Jelurida joint press release about the first ever security token launched on the Ardor blockchain (Ignis), blockchain journalist, David Hamilton, covered the story for securities publication, The piece was entitled “Tokenized Real Estate on Ignis Blockchain”. Here is the full article.

Crypto Daily

Another publication that has been paying attention to Max Property Group lately is Crypto Daily. A UK based crypto publication, Crypto Daily shares news about cryptocurrency, trading, blockchain and bitcoin news. Their latest series of articles have featured MPG and Max Crowdfund, the first being related to crypto project rating scores. Max Property Groups’ news announcement of achieving a perfect score on Xangle was mentioned in the article. Check it out here.

How To Token provides “The ultimate crypto how-to guides” explaining concepts and relaying developments in the crypto and blockchain sectors. Besides describing often difficult concepts involving the trading and mining of cryptocurrencies, HowToToken also explains the broader uses of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and how the blockchain space is evolving.

The publication picked up on a few of Max Property Group’s news announcements, which resulted in no less than three stories being published over the last few weeks. Many thanks HowToToken!

Here they are:

This Company just Burned 21% of its tokens: What does that mean for Investors?

MPD Real Estate Fund Closed. What’s Next?

Why do rating scores matter so much in the crypto world?


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Max Property Group is an international property investment company. Our head office is in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Max Crowdfund is our crowdfunding platform.


Your Property Investment Specialists

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