These Blockchain Millionaires Whom You’ve Never Heard of Are Disrupting a $217 Trillion Market

Dominium and Jelurida announce the Dominium blockchain today, taking on competitors such as Zillow and Ethereum respectively.

Oct 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Press Release- Rotterdam, Netherlands, 12 October 2018 — Today, two millionaire companies announce the upcoming Dominium blockchain, the first real world use of the third generation blockchain technology that developer Jelurida has been working on since 2013. On the 30th November, the public launch of the Dominium blockchain will put it within the 36% of blockchain projects that have working blockchain products, according to new research.

Dominium, a Dutch company with millions of Euros of property assets under management, has self-funded a blockchain project that wants to open up the real estate market to small investors and disrupt the global market, which is worth $217 trillion.

The Dominium platform was announced in January 2018 and has since gone live in Beta, been translated into 20 languages and gained tens of thousands of global users. The company aims to put the entire global property market on the blockchain, offering services for sales, rentals, finance and management in one place, with quick and cheap transactions facilitated by blockchain technology. Drs. Esther Dekker, Dominium’s Property Director, says,

“We are putting property on the blockchain. We are the first company to provide several functionalities, languages and jurisdictions on a property blockchain platform.”

The Dominium team have chosen Ardor blockchain technology, developed by Jelurida, for their game-changing project, in a strategic move that could bring Ardor to the forefront of the Blockchain as a Service market. Their cutting edge technology, already far more advanced than projects like Ethereum, provides the security of the public Ardor parent chain, with multi-chain architecture, which secures the network.

The Dominium blockchain is the first real world use case with potential mass market adoption for the Ardor platform, which evolved from the Nxt blockchain. The Nxt blockchain, which preceded Ethereum, was the first blockchain to successfully implement the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. Ardor overcomes blockchain problems such as Blockchain Bloat, scalability and security threats. Jelurida raised over $15 million for their own child chain Ignis, which incorporates functionalities including asset creation, controlled accounts and phased transactions.

The two technologies coming together could put an end to centralised parties in the real estate sector, essentially replacing estate agents, banks, notaries and lawyers with the digital ledger offered by the Dominium blockchain.

One of the companies behind Dominium, Max Property Group is aiming to place its own operations on the platform by the end of 2018, transferring millions of Euros worth of real estate to Dominium. Once the testing period is finalised and the appropriate licenses have been obtained, the platform will be opened to third party property owners and fund operators.


Dominium B.V. is a company registered in the Netherlands which is developing its property software system, Dominium platform. In addition to the development and maintenance of the Dominium platform, the company invests in property assets. Dominium B.V. is supervised by Confidon and publishes audited accounts.


Jelurida is a blockchain software company that enables customers to cooperate, promote unique value propositions, and create new business tackling real market opportunities. Jelurida offers the proof of stake consensus and parent/child solutions built on top of five years of software development, IT experience and technological leadership.

Dominium Press contact

Mark Lloyd or Esther Dekker

+31 10 764 0518

Jelurida Marketing Department

Veronica Torras


Dominium tokenomics:

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Dominium Founding Team

Chairman: Sven-Thomas Munte

Managing Director: Mark Lloyd

Property Director: Esther Dekker

Head of Development: Erwin Van Kekem

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