Why Should You Buy DOM Anyway?

With Hundreds of ICOs Launching Daily, Crypto Investors Are Spoiled For choice. But not all ICOs Were Born Equal. This Is Why DOM Is Different.

With more than 50% of ICOs failing within months of being launched, the cryptocurrency investment space is undeniably high risk. Yes, some early investors in Bitcoin or Ethereum made fortunes, but investors in DAO will tell a different story.

At Dominium, we are property investment specialists who have been buying, selling and managing real estate for generations. Property is known for being one of the most stable investment categories historically, which is why we are marrying the two investment types; effectively lowering risk and changing the face of the ICO.

High Risk Crypto Meets Low Risk Real Estate

When we decided to launch an Initial Token Offering (ITO), we thought very carefully about how to reduce the risk to DOM holders. We realised that to maintain the token value, we had to look at two main factors; token demand, and token value. We also had to adhere to regulatory compliance that does not allow for a project token to be a security. The challenge was to come up with a utility token that isn’t a financial product but still provides value to holders.

DOM As A Utility Token

Many ICOs make the mistake of creating a coin or token that has no “real world” value. The DOM token is a utility token that is used on the Dominium platform to record transactions on the blockchain. Although services or transactions on the platform are charged in euros, the DOM token is used to pay for them, and to record them on the Dominium blockchain. Thus they perform an actual function, and thus are subject to real world demand.

Enter Real Estate

So now we have real utility token with an actual purpose, but we have not eliminated the risk of the company running out of money, mis-spending ITO funds, or other such financial mishaps. This is where our property background kicks in. We decided that the safest, most responsible strategy for the funds raised from ITO is to do what we do best; invest them in property. The majority of ITO money will be used to purchase real world property assets, which will in turn be rented out and provide the company with a long-term, secure income.

This is how we secure the long-term financial survival of the platform, its future development and avoid misplacing all the ITO money raised. Moreover, we have a company administrator that will oversee the distribution of the funds raised by the ITO, and provide an audit of the company financials, so that DOM token buyers will not have to just take our word for it.

Buyback And Burn

Now we have a token with a real value, a long-term financial plan for the platform and we can’t run off with your money. The only thing that’s left is securing the value of the DOM token. Just because the company behind the platform now has lots of property with lots of income, doesn’t mean the token cannot devalue.

In order to secure the token value, we have decided to initially limit its supply, and then to further diminish it. Tokens used on the platform to pay for transactions will be taken out of circulation and destroyed. Similarly, Dominium will buy back DOM tokens on a regular basis from holders, further diminishing their supply. With 35,000 users on the platform whilst still in Alpha, we are confident in the long-term demand for DOM. And with all the affordable tools and services provided, it could become the “go-to” global property platform, tapping a market worth $217 trillion.

In conclusion, we have designed a token with a real world use, a diminishing supply, a growing demand and a long-term financial stability. Show us another ICO that can say that.