World’s First Global Property Platform on the Blockchain

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International property companies Max Property Group and Munte Immobilien have millions of euros under management and nearly 200 years of real estate experience. They have self-funded the development of Dominium; a global property platform for everything to do with real estate. The platform is currently operational in Alpha and has over 25,000 users around the globe. It has been translated into 15 languages and hosts users from over 160 countries.

Dominium aims to be the leading property platform in the world, with a suite of tools to help individuals and professionals perform real estate transactions, from buying an apartment to setting up a regulated property fund. Blockchain technology based on the Ardor platform will allow Dominium users to perform all manner of property transaction quickly, inexpensively and with the transparency of the digital ledger that underlies its technology.

DOM tokens are utility tokens which can be used to pay for all activities on the platform, including the creation of assets, trading of assets, creation of support tickets, voting for charities, listing property for sale, listing property for rent, registering a rental agreement, registering a purchase agreement and registering property management activities.

The Dominium Initial Token Offering (ITO) will go live on the 3rd September 2018 at 12.00 CET with an initial token price of €0.10. The tokens can be purchased in EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, BNB, NXT, ARDR and IGNIS. A total of 1,000,000,000 DOM tokens will be created (like NXT, ARDR and IGNIS) and they will be sold at rising price increments.

Most of the ITO money raised will be invested into real estate assets which will generate a rental return for the company. The Dominium team are confident that the rental income will be sufficient to support the ongoing development of the platform, as well as operational costs and the company’s token buyback and burn program in which the company buys back DOM tokens from its holders.

The bought back DOM tokens together with the DOM transaction fees spent on the platform will be taken out of circulation, thus assuring a diminishing supply of DOM tokens. Rental income and transaction fees should increase in line with the rise in popularity of the platform and the value of the portfolio.

“Most other real estate related projects only tackle one issue, or tokenise something that already exists without any additional benefits — and often without regulation” says Dominium Managing Director Mark Lloyd. “Dominium will be an all-encompassing platform where you can literally rent, buy and sell property alongside recording property repairs or investments in regulated funds.”

The founders have committed to the platform by funding the first development stages and transferring several million euros worth of property assets to Dominium B.V., a company registered in the Netherlands.

Main team members:

Chairman: Sven Thomas Munte MSC

Managing Director: Mark Lloyd

Finance Director: Marco Reimann MSC

Property Director: Esther Dekker

Compliance Advisor: Jacco Van Herwaarden

Blockchain Advisor: Maarten Dirks MSC

Blockchain Advisor: Joost de Kruiff

Legal Advisor: Paula Ruffell MSC

Marketing Advisor: Gudo Thijssen

Legal Advisor Netherlands: Jurian Van Groenendaal

Legal Advisor: Nine Bennink

Marketing Advisor: Andres Campo

Technology team:

Jelurida Swiss S.A — —


2012 Initial idea to develop a blockchain platform for property funding.

Q1/16 Blockchain technology reaches maturity required to launch a regulated platform for property financing.

Financial Holding Company incorporated in the Netherlands for first Max Property Group property funds.

Founders’ money used to prove financial model by buying, renovating and renting out apartments in Rotterdam.

Q2/16 Max Property Group website developed and translated into three languages (English, Dutch and German).

Q3/16 Regulatory compliant prospectus for first Dutch property fund completed.

Q4/16 Max Property Group Netherland goes live and is fully subscribed within the set time frame.

Q2/17 Regulatory compliant documentation for Max Property Group Germany and United Kingdom completed.

Q4/17 Max Property Group Germany and United Kingdom launched (currently raising funds).

Dominium team appointed, technology selected, and development team contracted.

Q1/18 Platform development started, website designed, and referral program created.

Private funding round closed to pay for initial platform development.

Initial Financial Holding Company name changed to Dominium B.V.

Q2/18 Finalise English version of Platform and initiate pre-ITO and ITO rounds.

2018 Purchase property in NL, DE and UK, migrate all MPG assets to platform, finalise beta-testing of all functionalities.

2019 Finalise standardised regulatory documents, obtain required licenses and open platform to third party asset creators and property listers.



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