You Speak, We Listen! Dominium Commissions and Weekly Lottery

Over the last month, since the start of the pre-ITO, we have had a lot of suggestions from our community, which is nearly 40,000 strong now! These are some of the things you said about our marketing methods:

  • ICO Listing sites do not work (so 2017)
  • Banners do not work (so 2008)
  • Expensive advertising does not work (unless you have a huge budget of millions)

You stated that better incentives to purchase DOM tokens, and higher referral commissions would expand the community faster. We are therefore pleased to announce the following changes:

Increased Commissions on our Referral Program to incentivise reaching out to your friends, family and communities:

Purchase of DOM tokens

  1. You will receive a commission of 5% to 10% on the amount paid by your Referrals and this can be paid out in Euro, BTC or ETH.
  2. From €0 to €25,000 you receive 5% commission (€1,250 in total)
  3. From €25,001 to €50,000 you receive 6% commission (€3,000 in total)
  4. From €50,001 to €100,000 you receive 7% commission (€7,000 in total)
  5. From €100,001 to €250,000 you receive 8% commission (€20,000 in total)
  6. From €250,001 to €500,000 you receive 9% commission (€45,000 in total)
  7. From €500,001+ you receive 10% commission (Sky is the limit)
  8. Exchange rate to calculate total amount introduced will be calculated according to the API we are already using

Investments in Assets

You will receive a commission of 5% to 10% on the amount paid by your Referrals, but this is based on the 2.5% commission Dominium receives for fundraising on the platform.

For example, a referral invests €100,000 in a property fund asset. Dominium receives €2,500. Introducer (You) receives his/her commission scale on the €2,500.

This will be applied retrospectively (from the date the ITO started) and will apply in perpetuity (as long as regulations allow this structure). The changes will be worked on over the next few weeks and you will be able to request payment automatically from your account.

Weekly Lottery to incentive the purchase of DOM tokens during the ITO

  1. The week runs from Sunday to Sunday, starting tomorrow the 16th of September
  2. Every Monday we will announce winners from our Weekly Lottery
  3. Participants are all those that have purchased a minimum of 2,000 DOM tokens during the week
  4. First prize is €1,000 (1 winner)
  5. Second prize is €500 (1 winner)
  6. Third prize is €250 (1 winner)
  7. Fourth prixe is €100 (5 winners)
  8. Fifth prize is €50 (5 winners)

There is only one condition, and that is that a minimum of 1,000,000 DOM (€100,000) has to have been sold during the week. This Lottery will of course be supervised and Winners will be announced in our Social Media Channels.

Basically we are passing on the savings of not paying for expensive marketing campaigns to our Community. We trust you welcome these changes.

Good luck everyone and we look forward to paying out big commissions to you all.

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