My Routine for a Productive Life

Over the past few months, I have developed a personal routine to keep me focused on what is most important. Without this routine, I would be lost and stressing about what I need to get done. It clears my brain and adds structure to my life. I can focus on doing things instead of thinking about what I should be doing.


  • Every morning, I start reviewing the notes I took and stored the previous day in my Evernote “Inbox” Notebook. If there is a task I need to do, I add it to my todo list. If there is an article, I read it and delete it right away.
  • In my “Journal” notebook, I create a note with the date of the previous day and I compile all my pictures, accomplished tasks, favorite articles, reflections, notes. This is a log of my day. I like to collect these items in order to keep a record of my day that I can retrieve later if I need. (I am very excited to look at this in couple years.)
  • I review and prioritize my todo list. If I see that a task has been there for too long, I just delete it (it will surely come back to me again…). For my todo list, I use a simple Evernote note that I called “Today”. I want to avoid using many different applications. I have Evernote constantly open on my computer, so I can check frequently my todo list.
  • After work, I write a reflection of 500 words minimum. I talk about my previous night and my current day. I tried to describe what I did, what I could have done differently and what I learned. I appreciate this more and more. It clears my mind and allows me to let go of any worries. It is a sort of written meditation. I deal with my thoughts and leave them on paper.
  • During the day, I track my habits to make sure I complete them. They are listed on an application I built. It is a sort of daily checklist. Most of them contribute to larger goals that I want to accomplish in the long term. For example: every day I will do at least 50 sit ups, 20 push ups, 5 stretches in order to stay healthy.


  • After reading The Elephants, 2 friends and I started a similar group. Every Sunday, we write a weekly report that we share with each other. I usually go through my daily notes and reflections, and I compile them into a report. I also give an update on the progress of my quarter goals.


  • As for The Elephants, my 2 friends and I are meeting at the beginning of each quarter. We try to get away for the weekend and include an outdoor activity with 2 work sessions on our goals.
  • The first session goes over a review of our past quarter goals. We talk about our achievements and challenges.
  • The second session is about the future. We define or refine new goals for the coming quarter. Then we update our long term goals for 1 year, 3 years, 10 years.

To start building your routine today, keep it as simple as possible. From this foundation, start implementing more habits that will help you reach your long term goals.

If you have a similar process, I would love to hear about it!