Half Way, and a Look Back

#MayIWrite — Day 16

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I’ve officially met the half-way point of this month-long writing challenge and it’s been many things, best described as busy. Logistically busy, busy in my brain…

The idea of writing something to post directly every day (so, not including things I submit for publication elsewhere) was intended to push me. I love taking prompts from publications and creating content to their specifications. I also love crafting pieces to share things I feel passionate about. I’ve been on a vulnerability mission for the last couple of years though, and I figured there would be some good in taking the luxury of time away from myself. Being primarily committed to fulfilling my challenge means that I don’t get to spend as much time thinking about the topic on any given day, nor the style. Either a thought will strike me and I’ll sit down and write about it, or the day will be getting on and I sit down and go looking for subject matter in my mind.

I’m still reeling from the seismic shift that has taken place in my life over the last couple of months. My writing quite suddenly gained attention and I opted not to resist, letting the current sweep me into an entirely new landscape and trusting that such a powerful force shouldn’t be over-thought. It has been terribly exciting and I relish the renaissance of a deep sense of excitement in my life.

The end of last year brought with it a traumatic event which prompted me to vow that I would really open myself up to living this life of mine. That kind of open invitation to the universe can be so potent. I didn’t know how that would manifest at the time, but my heart was in it. That’s the key, I think.

I have been thrilled to make the acquaintance of many new people over the last couple of weeks of writing May I Write. (Thank you so much for the loves and follows!) The various communities of writers are so rich and worthwhile. I’m trying not to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources I want to dive in to which will support my ongoing growth as a writer. One thing at a time, I keep telling myself. So I’m starting a Distance Ed writing course this week through the University of Iowa which I’m looking quite forward to. I have two months during which I will know exactly where to place my focus.

This writing challenge has thus far been a mixed bag of emotions: Wrestling with posts that are very blog-like, as I have historically only made visible my pieces which feel more polished and professional. Feeling like a cop out if I produce a quick poem, despite the fact that the point is for me to play with writing during this challenge. Letting go of attachment to which posts get a lot of reads or hearts and focusing on finding where the value resides for me (and trusting that fewer hearts does not necessarily mean the value was not significant to those readers).

What I cherish so far, possibly the most, is the connection. Knowing there has been value because some people have written to tell me so. I have not been able to predict what would stimulate someone to reach out, either. It’s beautiful. On the flip side, people connecting with my writing has allowed me to journey down rabbit holes which bring thought-provoking, meaningful pieces by other people into my life as well.

This is the start. With writing, I believe that for years it’s the start. At this half way point in this particular challenge, I feel grateful that there are people who are along for this strange little ride. Thank you for showing up.

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