A strange poem, thought of as quickly as I could write it. #MayIWrite — Day 13

Image courtesy of Unsplash

You can find her if your lucky,

She may come up to the shore.

Something about her glistens

Like you’ve never seen before.

She’s enchanting,

You’re uncertain,

She says “love me”

So you do,

And you’ll learn sooner or later,

What that love can do to you.

Dip your toes now, underwater,

And your hands and fingers too.

She is calling like a Siren,

With her voice your heart she’ll woo.

You’ll go swimming, ever deeper,

‘Neath the surface now, you’re in.

Still she calls you, still you follow,

‘Till you touch her shining skin.

Sunlight cast under the water,

Salty ocean stings your eyes,

Though you’re deep now underwater

Your chest heaves with heartful sighs.

She is dancing now, much closer,

Close enough your nerves are frayed.

Breathless, fearful, underwater,

Learn you can’t catch a mermaid.

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