How to monitor cstor pools?

In the previous blog, we have learned how to monitor openebs volumes, where i had mainly discussed about monitoring volume controller’s of storage engines jiva and cstor. In this blog i will cover how to monitor cstor-pools using Prometheus to pull metrics from maya-exporter sidecar of cstor-pool pods and Grafana to visualize the metrics.

It’s been almost a year since we have released cstor and we felt that there is a need of continuous monitoring tool to monitor cstor-pool container to get the details about various metrics such as health of cstor-pool container, no of reads/writes, no of io’s, rebuilding status, throughput, latency etc. So we introduced maya-exporter in 0.9.0 release as a sidecar of cstor-pool pod as well which collect metrics from cstor-pool container.


  • Openebs version > 0.9.0
  • cstor pool must be up and running
  • PVC (*optional)

It’s optional since pool should be available before creating pvc’s

Steps to follow:

  • Run kubectl create -f openebs-monitoring-pg.yaml
  • Run kubectl get pods -o wide to verify and to get where Prometheus and Grafana instances are running.
  • Run kubectl get nodes -o wide to get the…

Read the complete article in Mayadata’s Blog.

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MayaData delivers data agility through OpenEBS, Litmus, and…

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MayaData delivers data agility through OpenEBS, Litmus, and MayaOnline.

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