MayaData’s secret 5 step plan for world domination

Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read

5-December 2017, KubeCon, Austin.

Hi Everyone,

It will be my pleasure to share with you our stories and strategies. Why? Because of transparency! And specifically, so the broader community can better anticipate where we are headed and why.

You can read more about our announcements including the launch of MayaOnline here and the release version 0.5 of OpenEBS, the leading containerized storage for containers open source project, here.

We are happy to chat directly with anyone and you can find us on the OpenEBS community: or on Twitter at @uma_mukkara and @epowell101

So here’s our secret 5 step plan for world domination:

1. Fight lock-in, enable choice:

We think the oft-discussed shift to listening to developers is profound and long overdue. After all, they actually write the software and build the systems that deliver the value. So we give developers and DevOps teams unequaled control over their storage without any headache. And they know it works because it is open source.

Transparency builds trust.

However, fighting lock-in through an open source model is no longer enough. Increasingly cloud is the new lock-in. Thankfully Kubernetes is addressing cloud lock-in at higher layers by providing what has fast become a defacto standard means of orchestrating workloads. Clouds are now competing to show …

Read the complete article in MayaData’s Blog


MayaData delivers data agility through OpenEBS, Litmus, and MayaOnline.

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