Using Litmus for building CI pipelines for Cassandra when using OpenEBS

May 22, 2019 · 1 min read
Chaos Engineering for Cassandra on Kubernetes using Litmus

“Litmus is a chaos engineering tool for Kubernetes. Litmus provides easy-to-use, readymade pipeline jobs that can be used to build a pipeline to help harden the applications that use Cassandra. Litmus helps in validating the functionality of Cassandra, OpenEBS, and Kubernetes itself.”

In this blog, I will describe some of the Litmus jobs in details which are related to Cassandra. Before, that a bit of recap on Cassandra, OpenEBS and Litmus itself.

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, NoSQL, highly scalable, high-performance distributed database management system designed to handle an enormous amount of structured data across commodity servers.

OpenEBS is an open-source CNCF Sandbox project for container-attached and container-native storage on Kubernetes. OpenEBS adopts Container Attached Storage (CAS) approach, where each workload is provided with a dedicated storage controller.

Why use OpenEBS for Cassandra HA?

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