Look Behind The Veil Of Fallacies

The release of the introduction — when it can be complete –

For fans looking forward to the second installment of the new-adult fiction series, you will have some questions that have barely been touched on. I’d like to go into them, but that would create a lot of spoilers (you can read earlier blog posts for some hints).

Among these is the introduction found at the start of the book. It is arguably displayed more often in citing the novel’s content than the summary itself. The reason? It’s half the story.

Throughout the novel, the only time that ellipsis are used is in dialogue. The introduction, while written in first person, is anything but that. More importantly, it has three periods concluding it, not four, and thus, assuming that it follows the same writing style as the remainder of the book, it is incomplete. The final sentence, “

Instead, I find myself fighting the secrets that led to its collapse…,” implies that the character is leaving off with a thought on the predicament she finds herself in. The conclusion? The introduction is divided into multiple parts.

Fallacies: The First Look doesn’t touch on it in any way and while it’s a part of the book series, it doesn’t relay the events from Natalie’s perspective. As a result, it gets its own category that differs from that of book 1 and 2. What will the second part to the introduction be? I suppose that I can divulge that it has something to do with the barricades underneath the Capital.

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