Why Fallacies, Book 1 Is Awesome

Every day, we find ourselves in relationship drama, picture ourselves going on wild adventures, maybe even imagine ourselves as the heroines and how we’d fare up. Wouldn’t it be awesome to replay these scenarios from a distance, where you’re not too close to home? That way, your feelings are left untouched. Right?

Hell no. I tried that. The result was a story that reached so close to my life that it became a storyline that I would continue to expand on a daily, hourly, basis for the past year and half… it was longer, but shush.

What we have now is a story that centers itself around the undying love between two people and the endless secrets that are not only attempting to separate them, but kill them off. I’m not big on sacrifice, whether it’s self-sacrifice or the ‘whahahaha, I’m going to throw you into a volcano to appease my god’. Divergent had self-sacrifice. Yes, I read the books. It got to me more than I’ll ever admit in person. It wasn’t sad as much as it was depressing to imagine my own boyfriend having to go through life missing me. All I had to do was imagine myself in Tobias’s shoes. It sucked. You can justify Veronica Roth’s ending all you’d like.. you know you’re coping with it. The one thing I know for sure is that Fallacies really is a future that could be. If things took a slight change, it could be possible (just highly unlikely, I hope for all of our sakes). You’ll find ex-’girlfriends’, friendship (and lack-of, just like in life), bad habits, commitment, a fine balance between caring about others and yourself, action (best part, of course), and adventure. The first chapter is important. You can totally read through a sample on the book’s website or on amazon, kobo, Barnes and Noble. Lots of options. But think about the title. Fallacies is an important term. If you miss the details, you’ll find yourself going back (yup, to the first few chapters) to see what little easter eggs were left hidden. It’s a novel. I meant for it to be something you delved into. As much as I like afternoon-length reads, I’d much rather be a part of a highly-developed story. My friends do too. Now, I just have to see what my friends think.

P.S. if you like short, there’s always The First Look. It’s a back story that ties in with the first book. You’ll enjoy it, but you won’t get out of reading the series so easily when you start. So, be prepared. Go discover its secrets.

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