Highlighting Medium, Episode 2

Here are 10 great posts I encountered on Medium this week. Maybe you’ll enjoy them, too.

  1. Halloween has come and gone, but the feelings you feel when you read this engrossing short story by Jimmy Marks will stay with you.

2. This post by Herbert Lui is good advice for anyone experiencing “creative constipation.”

3. If you have a good idea, Tobias van Schneider says you have to ignore everybody in order to nurture it.

4. There are a lot of self-help posts on Medium, but these tips from Ashley Simon might just change your life.

5. According to Benjamin Hardy, sometimes asking is all it takes to get what you want.

6. Congratulations to Andréa Farrell, creator of the first all-meme CV.

7. Dan Conway might be the funniest writer that I’ve discovered on Medium thus far. Read this one, but definitely check out the other offerings on his profile.

8. I’m coming across quite a few cartoonists on Medium, and this doodle by gemma correll made me chuckle.

9. As a cancer survivor myself, I was very intrigued by Jeff Witzeman’s account of his wife’s naturopathic cancer treatment.

10. And one from me: Today is exactly 14 months since my wedding day. I thought I would drop some knowledge.

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