MTA x Watch

The Switch from Tokens to the Metrocard

The Metrocard is a familiar piece of plastic that’s ubiquitous to the commuter experience. It was designed to replace the previous method of payment: the token. It took the city over seven years (from 1993 to late 1999) to convert from token turnstiles to the current swipe-and-go system. Rather than creating efficiency, the new system caused greater challenges, for both commuters and the MTA.

From the Metrocard to Proximity-Based Payments

Mayday’s MTA x Watch concept proposes applying a new, connected layer on top of the existing MTA infrastructure, reimagining how the system could operate if we leveraged the best aspects of Apple’s Watch and emerging iBeacon technology.

Additional Benefits

· A low-cost solution doesn’t require a new transit infrastructure; it builds on top of the existing turnstile system


Thoughts / Concepts

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