The Web with PWAFire.Org/developer ✈️

Great people and so many of them have contributed to the present web, are contributing to the future of the web. We want to be part of that journey.

Project PWAFire.Org is a product of community. Every time I had to curate web codelabs for my talks on web. Then I thought of a github repo that would make things easier for me and finally we had PWAFire.Org.


We have built an open source javascript and json bundle that allows you to convert your existing website into a progressive web app or build one in a few.

We recently released another project, PWA Fire App. Starter Web App designed with progressive web app best practices and packaged ready for your existing or new project use.

We now have over 25K instances on our web codelabs and developer directories. This is giving us so much energy. And we got a super amazing lady co-creating and curating PWAFire.Org; Marta Wiśniewska 🤓

We are focused on helping web developers build amazing web experiences by providing simple tool-kits and codelabs that helps you build amazing progressive web apps with best web practices.

Checkout or web dev tools here 🤓 and web codelabs

Being community driven, we are super excited presenting talks and codelabs and sharing about what we think about the future of the web and what we are doing to contribute to it everyday ( Kenya and Poland 😀 )

Checkout recent talks and codelabs in Kenya during IO Extended Eldoret 2018 and in Ukraine and Poland during the Angular conference and Meet.JS workshop respectively 😛

During this year’s Google IO18, I had an opportunity to meet Google Chrome’s Dion Almaer and Ben G and shared about PWAFire.Org . I am thrilled to see it growing and how excited they were.

Author codelabs at PWAFire.Org 😜😝

We are collecting and curating web codelabs as well. If you want to PUBLISH a web codelab here, let’s just get started