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Mayor Sohi

A business-friendly city is a recovery-friendly city.

3 ways to make Edmonton a plug-and-play business hub.

Air Products has picked Edmonton for its newest net-zero hydrogen complex.
A clerk wearing a blazer helps a citizen at a City service counter.
Innovation and automation has helped reduce permitting and licencing wait times for thousands of businesses across the city.

We are off to a great start, but I will continue to advocate to keep Edmonton attractive for businesses big and small. Here are 3 big ways I am pushing Edmonton to become a hub for business in a competitive global market.

1. Service level guarantees for permitting and licensing

2. Evaluate how the City’s Economic Action Plan is working for under-represented businesses and entrepreneurs

Investing in infrastructure projects like building-out ramps along major industrial routes can help encourage new industrial investments.

3. Make industrial zones plug-and-play for big investment



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Office of the Mayor Amarjeet Sohi

Edmonton is a place where you can build something. Family. Business. Community. My success is an Edmonton story. And if you like that story, keep reading.