Getting to YES: Learn the secrets to maximizing value and creating win-win solutions!

Like it or not, you are a negotiator! As working professionals, we are faced with challenging situations in our daily lives that require negotiation. Buying a car, negotiating a salary, bartering on social media marketplaces, or resolving family disagreements. Often times it seems difficult to create value that benefits both parties and results in a win-win situation.

What if I told you that negotiating does not have to result in an “I win, you lose” outcome? What if I told you there was a proven set of principles you could apply to any negotiation to significantly increase the chance of creating a mutually beneficial outcome without giving in? Negotiating a win-win outcome is possible and the secrets are uncovered in Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton’s book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.

The problem they address is that most people tend to negotiate based on position because it’s the only technique they know, but negotiating based on position does not deliver mutually beneficial results or maximize the value of the end result. Think about this, if the other party is quick to accept, what did you leave on the table? Alternatively, if you maximized your gain at the expense of the other party, you have likely damaged any long term relationships or future business opportunities.

In Fisher, Ury, and Patton’s book, the authors outline 4 critical guidelines that everyone should learn and reference in every negotiation. Those guidelines are as follows:

  1. Separate the people from the problem
  2. Focus on interests, not positions
  3. Invent options for mutual gain
  4. Insist on using objective criteria

Even if you are not an expert negotiator, if you put in the appropriate time to prepare and apply these techniques, you can achieve success! Statistics show that even a non-expert negotiator can increase their negotiating success by 80% if they apply these techniques and dedicate the appropriate amount of time to prepare in advance.

In my Negotiating White Paper, I explain these secrets and more. In addition, I offer a real world case study by looking at my professional experience and challenges that I have faced as a purchasing professional. If you want to learn more about maximizing value and creating win-win scenarios, click on the link below!