How LuLaRoe Used the Science of Persuasion to Transform the Retail Experience

This whitepaper provides an analysis of how the clothing company LuLaRoe has instilled Robert Cialdini’s powers of persuasion into its business model as well as how these same principles can be applied to other companies in other industries. With the ever increasing amount of retailers and the advancing digital methods to purchase products, it can be difficult to stand out in the retail industry from competitors. By tapping into basic human emotions and age-old persuasion tactics, LuLaRoe was able to explode into the retail market and expand its market share in 2016.

The analysis includes examples for the following principles of persuasion: scarcity, reciprocity, liking, commitment & consistency, social proof, and authority.

Key Final Recommendations:

  • Consumers are more likely to purchase from someone they like or know so look for opportunities to create personal connections
  • Obtain a small commitment before initiating a larger request
  • Do not underestimate the power of giving first
  • Use phrases such as “limited quantity” or have sales deadlines to encourage quick action
  • Create a sense of collective approval
  • Leverage positive comments specifically from authority figures
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