Implementing Agile in a Fragile World

“Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change…Agile organizations view change as an opportunity, not a threat.” – Jim Highsmith

In today’s working environment, corporate strategy, product focus and competitive pressures are ever changing. Companies need to adapt in order to simply keep up, or risk falling behind. These dynamics, regardless of industry, push organizations and leaders to their limits.

In today’s working environment, generational gaps and ways of working are constant topics of conversation. Millennials aim for immediacy, while Gen X and Baby Boomers seek sustained success. Bringing these two worlds together can cause consternation while creating significant challenges. Differing personalities leave organizations fragmented and vulnerable.

In order to deal with today’s evolving organizational landscape, corporations are moving to Agile ways of working. From project management for software developers and finance professionals, to collaborative workspaces for executives and analysts, Agile is not only a change in methodology but a shift in culture. This white paper will discuss the benefits and concerns of Agile, while showing how its implementation can be valuable for any organization.