Life Balance — Is There Such A Thing?

Do you struggle with life balance or work-life balance? Is there such a thing? You may find this “Ted Talk” beneficial if you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle with finding a work-life system that works well for you.

We intently pursue this concept of work-life balance, but there’s no such thing as perfect balance in the context of life. The pursuit is real, though, and can affect each of us, and those around us, in adverse ways. This “talk” will touch on the importance of some of life’s “rocks”, and how these create conflicting priorities at times. Most importantly, it will touch on a few simple things we can do to alleviate or minimize the stress in our lives that lead to this feeling of imbalance or disparity. And key to all this is understanding it’s actually okay to be off balance. In fact, this is what helps us learn and grow and to be the high functioning people we are and want to be. We just need to accept that and be comfortable with it.