#MBA_Fridays Prepared and Immersed

Article 1.3 Strategic Management

Hi and welcome back to #MBA_Fridays, last week we tackled the Marketing Management topic, it was really an exciting topic. In this article we will be discussing our last and capstone topic of compulsory business domains, which is Strategic Management.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management takes into account all of the topics we have studied till now, it sheds light on the strategic issues and challenges that contemporary organizations face, and offers solutions to today’s complex corporate problems. Strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation are examined in relation to the firm’s competitive advantages.

You can review our definition of a successful business and strategy in #MBA_Fridays Article 1.0, revisit it if needed for a refresher.

Once again we explore this topic through LSBF London School of Business & Finance’s Global MBA classes on the program’s YouTube channel, here is the lectures and discussion panels in order

And as usual some externally linked articles and short readings on Strategy

After spending this week with this wonderful and thoughtful topic of strategic management you will be highly equipped with the basic and essential business knowledge to tackle the world of business.

Til we meet next Friday finalizing core business topics, enjoy your business compulsory pillars you have built. Have a good learning and a good wonderful life

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