An MBA Mama Love Story

Monique, our May 2015 MBA Mama of the Month, entered the Tepper School of Business as an ambitious single mother to her intelligent, beautiful daughter Naja. Monique was awarded a coveted fellowship from The Consortium to CMU’s Tepper School of Business. While attending The Consortium’s mandatory Orientation Program in summer 2013, Monique met Jamo Benoit who would also be attending Tepper. Unbeknownst to Monique at the time, she would later marry Jamo and leave business school as a married woman expecting her second child.

Monique Hutcherson Benoit at her dream wedding.

This MBA Mama love story is literally the cutest thing we’ve heard since we launched. In the video below, Monique gives some advice to pre-MBA mamas, discusses her post-MBA career plans and shares a glimpse into her love story!

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