Brands We Love: Pocket Palette

USC Trojan and George Washington MBA, Lynda Peralta, has just launched an amazing product for working women on the go — The Pocket Palette. Lynda has experience in retail, operations, and marketing, which has inspired her to create consumer products that simplify the busy-woman lifestyle. Below she explains what prompted her to to launch the Pocket Palette and has included a deal for all MBA Mama subscribers who pledge (at any level) for her Kickstarter!

I created the Pocket Palette for a simple reason: I needed it. I was constantly on the go and needed a convenient way to do my makeup that didn’t weigh my bag down or take up too much space. I also wanted something that allowed me to look nice while on the run, without making it solely about my appearance. I had a lot of competing priorities, and makeup, while one of them, wasn’t at the top.

Enter the Pocket Palette. When I first set out to develop the Pocket Palette, I wanted to create a product that would fit comfortably into someone’s busy lifestyle. I kept in mind all the different women who had competing priorities: The student trying to exercise, get to class, and find a job. The businesswoman who is climbing the corporate ladder, going to networking events, and juggling board memberships. The mother who is one always step ahead, carrying snacks and toys for her kids while anticipating their needs.

And sometimes, women can take on all of these roles at once, leaving minimal head space for things like makeup.

The Pocket Palette is a tool that makes those makeup moments easier. It is a single use, full face, makeup kit, made for the woman on the go. It has a single serving of BB cream, lip/cheek color, and mascara in a throwaway pouch that is about the size of a Post-It note.

I am not an MBA Mama right now, but I was raised by a strong working mother who got her bachelors and masters degrees while juggling two children, a husband, aging parents, and seven siblings. She taught me the most about prioritizing in order to get everything done, while still looking like a queen. Pocket Palette is for her, just as much as it is for me, because of everything she did to help me get to where I am. Thank you, mom! And to all the moms and moms-to-be breaking barriers and going after your goals, this product is for you.

I have launched a Kickstarter to fund the Pocket Palette. For any MBA Mama who pledges at any level, and messages us the code word MBAMAMA, I will send you a free sample pack for you to share with other mamas who inspire you.