December 2016 MBA Mama of the Month

Meet our December 2016 MBA MoTM, Candace Johnson. Candace is a dual Master’s degree candidate at the University of Michigan, enrolled in the School of Public Health and the Ross School of Business. She will complete both programs in April 2017 and will graduate with a Master of Health Services Administration and a Master of Business Administration. In undergrad (at Michigan) she double-majored in Spanish Language & Culture and Japanese Language & Culture, and pursued her passion for travel through her work with Northwest Airlines and a 6-month stint teaching English in South Korea post-graduation. Upon returning to the U.S. in 2008, Candace went to work for Chrysler at Jefferson North Assembly Plant for four years before returning to school for her graduate education.

Candace met her husband Jacob while working at Jefferson North Assembly Plant. Aside from working at Chrysler, Jacob runs his own general contracting company called Jacob’s Ladder. The two met in 2010, married in 2014, and had their first child, Isabelle, soon after. In the upcoming week we will be publishing our Q&A with Candace where she shares how Ross School of Business changed her thinking on leadership and how she gave back to her MBA community.

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