Harvard MBA Mamas Make Their Mark: Class of 2017

LaToya Marc, HBS Class of 2017 with her son Kingston at Harvard’s Black Graduation.
L to R: Tina Chen, Charanya Kannan, Onaizah Panwar, LaToya Marc, Anna Marie Wagner.

Tina Chen, who is on the second year honor roll, attended the last day of school after delivering her second child just two days prior. She will be working at The Boston Consulting Group after graduation. Charanya Kannan who was our February 2017 MBA Mama of the Month is an executive VP with the Women’s Student Association and also made it to the second year honor roll. Charanya will be working at The Boston Consulting Group after graduation as well.

Onaizah Panwar who is featured on HBS Portrait Projects has an inspirational story that can be read here. Onaizah will launch her post-MBA career at Bain Consulting.

LaToya Marc is co-president of the HBS student association and addressed the class of 2017 during graduation (see video below). We featured LaToya at the start of her HBS journey when we honored her as our August 2015 MBA Mama of the Month. LaToya will be working at Comcast NBC Universal after graduation.

Anna Marie Wagner, who is due to deliver her second child shortly is a Baker Scholar, the highest academic credential at HBS. Anna will be at Bain Capital Private Equity as a VP after graduation.

Congrats to these phenomenal mamas as they cross the stage today. For more inspiration, check out LaToya Marc and her co-president Libby Leffler Hoaglin address the graduating class at Harvard’s “Class Day.”

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