September MBA Mama of the Month

NYU Stern Graduate, Lourdes Ramon, pictured here with her husband and two children.

We are thrilled to introduce the MBA Mama community to our latest MBA Mama of the Month (MOTM), Lourdes Ramon, a native of Puerto Rico and a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business. Lourdes has a background in engineering and worked for Kraft Foods doing research and development prior to her MBA. After completing business school, Lourdes returned to Kraft as a brand manager in a marketing role. When Kraft relocated their NY office to Chicago, Lourdes took a brand management job with Univision.

Recently, Lourdes decided to venture into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. In the video blog featured here: Lourdes tells us about the inspiration behind the creation of her company, Kids’ Candor, a bilingual solution for early child development through play, music, and guided human interaction.

I was inspired by my children. I wanted them to learn Spanish, understand in Spanish, write in Spanish and think and just dream in Spanish.
Visit to learn more about Lourdes’ business.

In this video blog, Lourdes also talks about how the support of her husband was critical to her decision to start a company, classes she took at NYU that prepared her to take the entrepreneurial leap as well as the strategies she used to prototype and raise funds to launch her product.