Final Reflection: Stern Gave Me the Opportunity To Pursue My Business Idea

Victoria Michelotti immersed herself in her two years at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Not only did she build meaningful relationships with classmates, she focused on academics, and also took the important first steps to pursue a business idea. In her Final Reflection for MBASchooled, Victoria looks back on her favorite memories from the business school experience.

MBASchooled: What will you miss most about your MBA experience?

Victoria: 1) The people, of course. Everyone is now scattered across the globe and it’s sad knowing they’re not just a quick walk or subway ride away. 2) Being a sponge — the transfer of ideas from global leaders was powerful and empowering. 3) Opportunities to travel and see the world.

MBASchooled: What is your favorite memory of business school?

Victoria: I have two favorite memories: going to Japan with a group of 100 classmates as well as traveling to Southeast Asia with a small group of girlfriends from Stern. Getting outside of Stern, New York City and the country provided for the best bonding experiences.

MBASchooled: What are you most proud of from your MBA experience?

Victoria: For years I’ve had a business idea floating around in my head and Stern gave me the opportunity to finally put the concept into writing and create a business plan from start to finish. I entered NYU’s $200k Entrepreneurs Challenge and finished as a semifinalist, and this summer I’m continuing to work on the venture as part of the NYU Summer Launchpad, an accelerator program funded by the National Science Foundation.

MBASchooled: What part of you has undergone the most transformation while in business school?

Victoria: I’ve always been a bit more of an introvert but business school–with all its cold calling and networking circles–forced me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that. Business school has been a huge confidence boost and today I am more likely to speak up and voice opinions and ideas. Before business school I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean Inand found it inspiring, but it’s only because of business school and the skills I gained there that I’m inclined to actually do that–lean in.

MBASchooled: Who is someone who has had a positive influence on you while in business school?

Victoria: It’s hard to name just one person! My two years were most profoundly shaped by two peer groups in particular: the Consortium (a network that is committed to diversity and inclusion) and Summer Start (Stern’s pre-term program that lets a small cohort get a head start on coursework — this is where some of my closest friendships were forged)

MBASchooled: Is there anything that you haven’t gotten to do that you wish you had done?

Victoria: I never got to take one of Stern’s signature courses, Valuation, with one of the world’s foremost finance scholars, Aswath Damodaran.

MBASchooled: Where do you hope to be in five years?

Victoria: Debt free, ha! But more importantly, whether I’m working in corporate America or doing something entrepreneurial, in five years I want to feel like the work that I’m doing is enjoyable and is impacting the world in a meaningful way.

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