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Book Summary — Middlegame

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1 paragraph summary:

I loved the weirdness of the book bringing Alchemy and Science together into the modern world. The world and storyline it builds pulled me right in, supported by two strong characters and constant tug and pull of them coming closer and further apart. Even though I really enjoyed diving into this new world, I was left wanting more. The ending lived up to an action packed movie ending but felt too rushed and without doing the full weirdness of alchemy and science justice.

I would still recommend it if you’re after a new type of Fantasy book.


Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist of creating out of void, but out of chaos.

The old fool forgot the lessons of Blodeuwedd and Frankenstein: never create anything smarter, or more ruthless, than yourself.


Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations.

Words are what trigger the transformations in people. It’s a bigger responsibility than he could ever have asked for.

History is a form of language. It tells the story of an area, of a city, of an idea (because all any civilization is, really, is a string of ideas tied together in a shining cord, tangled sometimes, frayed, but continuous and beautiful, even when it’s not).


The numbers don’t need him to give them meaning the way the words do. Words don’t mean anything without someone to understand them. Numbers just are.


“It was a good idea to get a few of the answers wrong. I didn’t think to do that.” Dodger shrugs. “People don’t believe things that are too perfect.”

Familiarity with any great thing removes our awe of it.

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