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Book Summary — The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success

  1. To Me —”victim consciousnes” — being below the line, the cause of my condition is outside me, external factors are responsible for how we feel, someone is to blame >>> move to #2 by taking responsibility
  2. By Me — “consciously creating with”, at the cause of their own experience, everything is unfolding perfectly for your learning and development, nothing has to be different
  3. Through Me — notice something beyond yourself, “me” is not important, how does everything relate to me. “what is life’s idea that manifests itself through me?”
  4. As Me — 1. oneness, the experience that there is no separation, 2. absence of personal “me”, no personal center

1. Taking Radical Responsibility

ABOVE — commit to taking full responsibility for my life and supporting others to take full responsibility

  1. Toxic fear — blame, shame and guilt
  2. Extrinsic motivation — money, title, perks
  3. Intrinsic motivation — learning, fulfilling purpose and autonomy
  4. Play, creativity, and expressing our genius in the world
  5. Love
  • How can we keep this from happening? INSTEAD How to fix?
  • What can we learn from this? INSTEAD Who is to blame?

All drama in leadership and life is caused by the need to be right. Letting go of that need is a radical shift all great leaders make.

Commit to end blame and criticism and create a culture to value learning over being right and taking 100% responsibility.

2. Learning Through Curiosity

ABOVE — commit to growing self-awareness, every interaction is a learning opportunity and curiosity as a path of rapid learning.

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Learning agility
  3. Communication
  4. Influence

3. Feeling All Feelings

ABOVE — commit to feeling my feelings all the way to completion. They come, and I locate them in my body, then move, breathe and vocalise them so they release all the way through.

Emotion is “e-motion”. Energy in motion. At its simplest level, emotion is energy moving in and on the body. Or said another way, feelings are physical sensensations.

Whenever you experience an emotion you feel a sensation in your body. Anger has a certain set of sensations, as does sadness and fear. Your feelings are these sensations — there is no difference.

  1. Locate the emotion and describe its nature
  2. Breathe
  3. Allow, accept and appreciate the sensation
  4. Match experience with emotion — if this had a sound what would it be? The body releases naturally when you vocalise to let it move to match energy. By vocalisation, we don’t mean “talk about it”, because that usually leads to recycling. Rather, we just mean make sound.

4. Speaking Candidly

ABOVE — commit to saying what is true for me + being the person to whom others can express themselves with candor.

5. Eliminating Gossip

ABOVE — commit to ending gossip, talking directly to people with whom I have a concern, and encouraging others to talk directly to people with whom they have an issue or concern.

  1. People won’t tell truth to one another
  2. Don’t know how to release negative emotion
  3. It takes too long to thoughtfully process info and feelings

6. Practicing Integrity

ABOVE — commit to the masterful practice of integrity incl acknowledging all authentic feelings, expressing the unarguable truth, keeping my agreements and taking 100% responsibility

  • Energy Management — what gives and takes energy?
  • Congruence — matching what is on the inside to what’s on the outside
  • Alignment — purpose and direction, this can change and doesn’t have to be grandiose but it must be clear and compelling
  1. Take 100% responsibility
  2. Speak authentically
  3. Feel feelings through to completion
  4. Impeccable agreements

There is no such thing as a small breach of integrity.

Commitment — between you and the universe.

  1. Making clear agreements
  2. Keeping agreements
  3. Renegotiating agreements (usually less than 10%)
  4. Cleaning up broken agreements (state it and ask what can be done)

7. Generating Appreciation

ABOVE — commit to living in appreciation, fully opening to both receiving and giving apprecation.

  1. Sensitive awareness — simply paying attention, specificity becomes a delight
  2. An increase in value — “appreciation” — experiences and relationships become more valuable
  • Inner critic interception — internal dismission, that’s not really true
  • Hand-off — “it wasn’t really me”, it was the other person
  • Downgrade — comparison to another ideal so not “quite there yet”
  • Dismissal — diminish the quality or action as unnoteworthy
  • Reciprocation Race — I appreciate you for X
  1. Sincerity — real and true
  2. Unarguable true
  3. Specificity
  4. Succinct language

8. Excelling in your Zone of Genius

ABOVE — commit to expressing my full self and supporting and inspiring others to fully express their creativity

  1. Zone of Incompetence — don’t enjoy, don’t do well
  2. Zone of Comptence — don’t enjoy, do ok (but others with passion better)
  3. Zone of Excellence — costs you energy, you’re exceptionally good
  4. Zone of Genius — do what you love, uniquely gifted to do

9. Living a Life of Play and Rest

ABOVE — commit to creating a life of play, improvisation, and laughter. Commit to seeing all of life unfold easfully, and effortlessly. I commit to maximising my energy by honoring rest, renewal, and rhythm.

  • Joker — silly sounds or jokes
  • Kinesthete — athlete, dancer, push your body
  • Explorer — delight in new experiences
  • Competitor — competitive games and fighting for #1
  • Director — planning and executing scenes and events
  • Collector — wants to have the best collection of something
  • Artist/Creator — joy from making things
  • Storyteller — imagination is the key, dance

10. Exploring the Opposite

ABOVE — commit to seeing that the opposite of my story is as true or truer than my original story. Recognise that I interpret the world around me and give my stories meaning.

Whenever we don’t allow reality to be what it is, we are in opposition to life. This opposition is the cause of all suffering.

For example, when we don’t allow the field team to communicate as it does, we find ourselves agitated, wanting to change the way that team is acting. This agitation and our desire to change what is so, is a form of suffering.

It is actually not the issue that causes the pain but your interpretation of it. Life doesn’t come with labels. It just comes. We give life the labels. And the label that we give life determines how we experience it.

Conscious leaders take responsibility for being the labeler of life. They learn to question all of the labels.

I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.

Find our own truth:

  • Is it true?
  • Can you be absolutely certain it’s true?
  • How do you react when you believe the thought?
  • Who would you be without the thought?

11. Sourcing Approval, Control and Security

ABOVE — commit to being the source of my approval, control and security

12. Having Enough of Everything

ABOVE — commit to experiencing that I have enough of everything… incl time, money, love, energy, space and resources…

  • meditate
  • challenge beliefs of scarcity
  • do breathing work
  • notice space

13. Experiencing the World as an Ally

ABOVE — commit to seeing all people and experiences as allies suited for growth

14. Creating Win for All Solutions

ABOVE — commit to creating win for everyone solutions

15. Being the Resolution

ABOVE — commit to being the solution that is needed

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