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Book Summary — The Runelords

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1 paragraph summary:

I read the first arc of four books. The book introduces an interesting new magic system where people can “dedicate” their attributes (ie brawn, grace, wit, metabolism, etc) to another person. By doing so they forgo that attribute themselves as long as the receiver is alive. A good read where everything happens i the space of a couple of weeks, as the main characters become “runelords” and do everything at high speed.

“Fools define themselves by what they are. Wise men define themselves by what they shall be.”’

‘Men who believe themselves to be good, who do not search their own souls, most often commit the worst atrocities. A man who sees himself as evil will restrain himself.

‘Even the wisest man’s plots are only as good as his information.’

‘As we learn to speak, nearly all of our utterances are merely cries better defined. Listen to every word a man speaks to you and you can learn to hear the pleas embedded beneath every notion he expresses. “I want love.” “I want comfort.” “I want freedom.”’

‘Love isn’t something that you feel. It’s something you give.’ ‘Doesn’t it tear you apart, to give yourself away like that?’ ‘Sometimes,’ Iome admitted. ‘But if someone loves you in return, it makes the occasional hurt all worthwhile.’

The best romantic love has a good amount of lust in it, and an equal amount of respect. But the main ingredient is devotion.

Thoughts are the threads that bind us to deeds. Deeds are the ropes that bind us to habits. Habits are the chains that bind us to destiny. To escape your destiny, sever yourself from evil thought.

What do I have that Time won’t take from me?
My wife, my father, my family?
My wealth, my life?
All that I am, Time will steal from me. I have nothing!

They recognize that Time also gives us all that we have.
It brings us our homes, our wealth, our loved ones.
Time gives us every precious second to enjoy.
So Time may ultimately be a paradox: creator and destroyer, bringer of joy and sorrow.

“Deeds reveal the inner man, even when he would cloak himself in fine words.”’

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